Walt Disney Products

When we talk about the products made in the USA, how can we forget Disney? Walt Disney had been thrown out of class and told he had no imagination. He went of to create the Disney Channel, now home to so many cartoons – not only Mickey Mouse. Founded by Walt and Roy Disney in 1923, its official mascot still is Mickey Mouse. It was the first company to launch a channel solely for children, and its popularity lives to this day. It had first begun producing and making films for children and by children.

Even today, Disney produces children’s film, even though they are heavily criticized at times. The point is, that Disney still remains the best know children’s channel and made from the US. The Japanese cartoons have come nowhere near the standard set by Walt Disney. Disney even has numerous theme parks around the world. The Pirates of the Caribbean was inspired from one of the theme park rides, and has of course led to a lot of success. Disney owns a lot of channels, including the ABC network and ESPN. Disney is another product MADE IN USA, and whether we tend to admit it or not, we do indulge in the products from Disney.

Since Disney has even created a line of child’s accessories, and even study lamps and desks, it is hard to ignore the influence it has got in our lives. Hence, that is another product from the USA that we all love to use. Disney products have always found favor with the customers. The recent lines of products have been the Hannah Montana accessories, which have taken the kids’ world by storm. Other than this, even actual telephones are found which are shaped in the form of the Walt Disney cartoon characters, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse being the most popular choice for them.

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