Vermont Teddy Bears

Vermont Teddy Bears are one of the best ways of wishing a beloved one on his or her birthday, on Christmas, on Valentines Day, or maybe just to let them know they are special to you. Based in Burlington, VT, this particular teddy bear company offers you a lot more than merely sending off your teddy bear to the desired location. They have a variety of teddy bears to choose from: like a birthday teddy, I’m sorry teddy, or even a bear clutching at the words “I love you”.

The Vermont Teddy Bears offers a gift pack called the “Gram Bear”, wherein they send any of the Vermont teddy bears along with a Gourmet Chocolate and a special card to any address one wants. The Vermont teddy bears range from being a simple bear to a vampire teddy, to a wedding teddy etc. they are especially handmade, there in Vermont itself – from the first sketch to the last stitch. And therefore no two Vermont teddies are the same. They are fully attached, and therefore the teddy can rotate its head, and paws. A full size of a teddy bear is generally 15”, which roughly means the same size from the tip of your fingertips till your elbow. These teddy bears come with child safe eyes and nose, and therefore they cannot be pulled off. The teddy bears are also entitled to have baths. Just put them in a pillow cover, and let them ride along gently in the washing machine every once in awhile.

But it is wise to not let them go to the dryer, as that would ruin the softness of their furs. These bears are generally found in four basic shades of fur. But you do have a choice of getting them in premium and jewel tones too. The best part about Vermont is the overnight delivery.

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