Pendleton Clothing Line

USA has been dominating the fashion market since time immemorial. While the trousers for women were founded here, in Portland, Oregon in the USA, we find a certain company by the name of Pendleton. They have a passion for quality, which we can see and feel. All their clothes have a Native American feel to it. The blankets were inspired by the legends and themes of the olden times. These blankets have a certain softness, and lightweight, and hundred percent virgin wool that is produced makes them a unique product.

It had all began in 1863, when Thomas Kay had come to Oregon from England, and had set up the Indian blanket trading business. Now six generations later, the sons all have jobs within the family business and continue the legacy of Thomas Kay. Pendleton has been a family owned business for over one forty years now, and out of those, ninety six years had been spent growing the perfect world class woolens in their Northwest mills. Their expertise and technology had translated into the production of a number of new fabrics. However, their legacy of quality would never change. They used to produce only the blankets, mimicking the styles of the Native Americans.

Nevertheless the same fabric is applied in the making of cloaks, coats, and other accessories to be worn by the people. Pendleton has even joined forced with the most influential fashion people and come with new designs with their fabric. No wonder the sale of this particular clothing has ever gone down. They usually sell their products online, as they believe that online shopping is the easiest and fastest. A sales representative is available on the phone all the time, guiding the buyers through and helping them reach a final decision. They even have ways in which you can keep tracking your order after placing it.

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